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Video Production

We provide a video production service that can be used when you need to explain difficult or lengthy content, such as consultation videos, toolkits, and e-learning into bite-size, clear and easy to follow videos. 


The use of video is an effective way to reach your target audience, and the Institute is on hand to help you achieve it through engaging digital content. If you have an enquiry and are interested in how we can provide support, please contact the team.


Some of our work

As part of a wider project with York and North Yorkshire Local Enterprise Partnership, the Institute was commissioned to produce a video focused on York and North Yorkshire Councils’ public consultation for devolution.

The eight-week public consultation runs between October and December 2022, and you can view the full video we produced by visiting

Belfast City Council commissioned the  Institute to create a short video highlighting the Council's approach to their consultation and engagement activities.

The video explored why the Council consult and engage, the differences between consultation and engagement, the importance and risks of it and a look at the Council's processes.

Belfast City Council is using the video to inform staff and new officers about the council's approach to consultation and engagement.

"Extremely professional and competent but also friendly and a pleasure to work with". 
Patricia Flynn | Belfast City Council

“It has been great to partner with the Consultation Institute and local Healthwatch again to create another course in response to requests from our network. They’re always very professional and easy to work with".
Marianne Patterson | Healthwatch England

Healthwatch England commissioned the Institute to create a second online training module on ways to engage people who are not online.

Before the pandemic, face-to-face meetings were a key mechanism for Healthwatch. While they were not possible it made other tools for reaching seldom-heard all the more important and this course helps to overcome those barriers to engagement.

The course, 'Online engagement techniques' was made available to all 151 local Healthwatch in April 2021.

Following the development of a consultation toolkit on the five stages of consultation and engagement with London Borough of Tower Hamlets, they wanted to ensure staff had all available resources to understand the process and commissioned the Institute to produce an e-Learning course to support the handbook.

Using fictional characters and realistic consultation scenarios, such as changes to bin collections, we developed and scripted, a series of ten videos to support the wider team at Tower Hamlets in a fun and interactive way. The videos also included questions at the end to test the user’s understanding.

The course is available on the Council's website, serving as an excellent and informative learning tool.

"tCI did a great job in converting our Consultation and Engagement Handbook for staff into clear, easy to follow videos taking us on the consultation journey using local and relatable examples". 
Tower Hamlets Council

“Steve and Martyn were fantastic to work with and it felt like a genuine team effort. We’re looking forward to the next module!”.
Marianne Patterson | Healthwatch England

The impact of COVID-19 forced Local Healthwatch to quickly adopt far more online engagement than had previously been used.

Healthwatch England commissioned the Institute to create an online training module which gave learners different tools and techniques to engage with people online, including those who are seldom heard.

The course, 'Online engagement techniques' was made available to all 151 local Healthwatch in November 2020.

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