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The wait is finally over…

For a while now, the Institute has listened to feedback from our clients and recognised that we need to provide a boarder spectrum for training possibilities.

Austerity has effected a lot of public bodies, but also other people as well. What we can provide through online training is a more cost effective way for a lot of people to get trained. If you are an organisation, whether or not you are a member of the Institute, and you have just one person who needs to get trained, the cost of doing that by sending them halfway across the country to a training venue can be quite high.

So, in late 2017, we began to develop our online training programme and we are pleased to announce that this week, our first online training course has gone live for tCI members. It is called: Getting to know the Consultation Charter. It is, in effect, a foundation course in consultation.

We have never had a training course on the Charter itself, however the seven Principles are used to underpin our Quality Assurance process, along with other services we offer, and are extremely important.

The course is made up of eight separate modules which run between ten-twenty minutes, designed for self-paced learning. Each module is then broken down into chapters, allowing you to save any completed work and return to your learning at a convenient time.

Whilst this course is currently only available for Members, it will, along with future courses, be available for purchase by anyone, shortly. Members get a head start.

This short video demonstrates the online training creation process from writing the scripts, to voice overs, to video content creation.

We are really excited about this announcement and hope you enjoy the first of many courses to come!

About the Author

Rebecca is the Institute’s Client Executive. She has experience in a legal environment working within the family law department. She studied Politics at Leeds university and took a key in interest in public engagement. Her role provides the Institute with knowledge and up to date case law for the benefit of clients. She has spent time working abroad and with international charities.
Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys travelling and chasing the sunshine, cooking, shopping and spending time with her family.

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