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We join the ‘Race to Zero’ towards COP26 Glasgow

As part of the tCI programme for 2021 ahead of COP26, we have applied to be invited to have both an exhibition stand and an event slot in order to support one of the themes of the Conference which the UK is hosting this year. That theme is amply illustrated by the following statement from our UK COP26 Presidency website:

‘Meeting our shared goals for avoiding dangerous climate change requires a dramatic acceleration of progress towards clean growth and resilience.  This can only be achieved through coordinated action across the whole of society.  On the way to COP26, we will use the power of a fair and inclusive Presidency to bring governments, business and civil society together to drive action across key sectors of the economy to reduce emissions, adapt to the effects of climate change and build resilience.  By working together, we can make the zero-carbon transition faster, cheaper and easier for all. ‘

Shared goals, co-ordinated action across society, fair and inclusive and working together are all central to both consultation and engagement. Hence, if we are to succeed in beating the ill effects of climate change, then over the whole term of the ‘Race to Zero’ communities and organisations need effective consultation and engagement, where tCI and it’s Associates are well placed to help them succeed.

Additionally, there are regular initiatives in this COP26 run-up like “Race to Zero Breakthroughs” (see press release here) that have been published in a special paper, which sets out near-term goals for more than 20 sectors that make up our global economy, forming a master plan around which business, governments, and civil society can unite ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference,  COP26, in Glasgow in November.

About the Author

Howard is a tCI Director and has a history of building communities in customer service and is an expert in IT support markets,

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