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Damian Greenfield

Institute Associate Profile

Damian is an energetic, passionate, and inspiring public consultation professional with a proven track record in engaging people in the decision-making process, Damian is a well-respected senior communications leader in public participation and stakeholder engagement.

Specialising in creating and delivering stakeholder engagement and public consultation strategies, developing stakeholder insight, identifying communications risk and stakeholder advocates, and mapping stakeholders across the public sector with a particular focus on transport,

Damian is a champion of effective communication with almost 20 years experience of effectively involving people and communities in change. Damian has supported dozens of public sector organisations that aim to deliver change at pace, meet legal duties and regulatory requirements and maintain the trust of the people they serve. From National Significant Infrastructure Programmes to local and regional transport transformation proposals, he specialises in identifying, planning for, and managing the risks of conducting public consultations on potentially contentious proposals.

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