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Nicholas Duffin

Institute Associate Profile

Nicholas is a highly experienced and expert consultation, engagement and public and stakeholder involvement practitioner, having progressed from a specialist in involving the seldom heard (2002) to becoming Programme (Managing) Director of the Consultation Institute (2017-19). His knowledge extends beyond process to a detailed appreciation of what might be lawful, based on the study of legislation and case law.

He is deemed to be expert in (i) determining what would constitute both best practice and a lawful process for engagement, consultation and/or stakeholder and public involvement, (ii) designing and/or managing processes and activities to meet (i) (including innovative approaches and activities to public and stakeholder involvement), (iii) troubleshooting and problem solving in consultation, (iv) training people and bodies to best practice standards, and, (v) facilitating qualitative and deliberative activities, including the chairing of events.

Nicholas has a current interest in the way impacts analyses and assessments are undertaken, in light of increasing challenges in this area.

He is a Fellow of the Institute.

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