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Case Study: NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board

In 2022, NHS South Yorkshire Integrated Care Board commissioned the Consultation Institute to deliver a Certificate of Consultation Readiness on their proposals to relocate GP buildings to new health centres.

The ICB was provided with a “once-in-a-generation opportunity to improve healthcare for people in Sheffield” with the potential for £37m in government funding to transform general practice across the city. This included a consultation on the proposals to replace twelve GP buildings with four new health centres in the north and centre of the area.

It was imperative that the ICB complied with the conditions associated with the government funding, such as adhering to the legal duties around involvement, and complying with timescales and strategic outline cases. Despite the concise timescale for the delivery of the project, and the challenge of occasionally conflicting conditions, the ICB was committed to delivering a robust, open, and fair consultation process that gave people the best chance to understand the proposals and respond.

We are delighted to share our latest Case Study, exploring the experience and challenges faced throughout the process.

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