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tCI’s Option Appraisal webinar

Yesterday (25th April) we held our first Member exclusive webinar of 2019!

Lasting around 30 minutes, Nick Duffin, who delivered the webinar, shared Institute thinking on options appraisal.

He discussed:

  • What tCI has learnt from judicial reviews and the legal challenges before Court
  • The shape of good option appraisal
  • Who should be involved in the process
  • The different approaches

We decided this was a topic that needed discussion as we have seen a significant growth in the number of legal challenges based on how a consultor arrived at the options for a consultation. The focus in these challenges have mostly included one or more claims of biased approaches, biased participation in option development and/or appraisal, not having the right people involved, and/or flawed scoring or consensus models.

During this time the Institute has been monitoring the challenges, arguments, debates and what programmes survived scrutiny. We have successfully been advising programmes of change on how to design and undertake options appraisal, in a manner that takes account of unique circumstances but ensures a fair approach that is robust, good practice and hard to challenge.

Are you an institute member who missed the webinar, but would like to watch the recording? Get in touch.

About the Author

Rebecca is the Institute’s Client Executive. She has experience in a legal environment working within the family law department. She studied Politics at Leeds university and took a key in interest in public engagement. Her role provides the Institute with knowledge and up to date case law for the benefit of clients. She has spent time working abroad and with international charities.
Outside of work, Rebecca enjoys travelling and chasing the sunshine, cooking, shopping and spending time with her family.

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