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Wednesday Wisdom: Law 2022 – Key Consultation Cases

Wednesday 29th June, 11am

A year on from our last Wednesday Wisdom legal update, we’ve seen (by our reckoning) 18 new consultation cases pass before judges in the courts. We’ve seen healthcare, planning, traffic management, pensions and even canoeing! It’s been an interesting bunch.

Join the Institute’s Legal and Parliamentary Officer, Stephen Hill, as we go through the most critical of the cases, make sense of the legal language, and examine how they might impact your work and plans. As we always say, just because a case isn’t in your professional area doesn’t mean that it’s irrelevant- the principles carry across so we’ll be looking to give you the essential guide – what you need to know to undertake your projects lawfully.

As part of our coverage of the key cases, we’ll also discuss the patterns and themes we’re seeing emerging in the law, and look at what we expect we might see in the future to give you the best opportunity to prepare yourself well in advance. And of course there will be an opportunity for you to bring along and ask any questions you might have. So join us at 11am on Wednesday 29th June, for your essential summer update.

Register here for the webinar.

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