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Manual Transmission – Does consultation act as an accelerator or a brake? Or do we need the third foot-pedal?

April 5, 2006 By

There’s a real debate about the role that consultation plays in achieving significant social or political change. Some say that going to consultation is a sure-fire way to slow down…

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Consultation – the best form of scrutiny? – Asking citizens and customers, and making their views highly visible, might do more good than a tick-box Inspection process

April 3, 2006 By

Consultation is used to fulfil many objectives…….probably far too many; it’s one of the problems that leads to unwarranted expectations. One role, however, that is seldom exploited sufficiently, but may…

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Blogs as Consultation – Are blogs just a passing fad or can they be useful for consultation?

March 22, 2006 By

The practice of publishing web logs or blogs is one of the most rapidly expanding phenomena of the new technology age. Stated simply it refers to individuals publishing their reflections…

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Avoiding the Blame Game – There are good, and less good, reasons for going to consultation

March 22, 2006 By

In the dozens of Consultation Strategies received by the Institute there are countless lists of reasons for undertaking consultation exercises. On average there are six to ten objectives, often liberally…

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Broken Links – Consultation is part of a long chain of communications. What happens when important links in the chain are broken?

March 22, 2006 By

If the term “broken links” means anything to some of us, it is likely to be in the context of the internet. It refers to that infuriating moment when you…

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The Magnet – Are some people more suited to the practice of consultation ?

February 1, 2006 By

A woman I know is a Samaritan. Whether by instinct or by training, she is remarkably good at listening. People want to tell her their feelings; they will readily unburden…

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Slice & Dice – Is the targeting of specific community groups anything more than a new version of market segmentation?

January 18, 2006 By

At one our recent Seminars on Engaging the Hard-to-Reach, one participant was heard to complain that if you added up the numbers identified in each of the separate groups thought…

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Paperless Consultation – Has the goal of e-enabling consultations been achieved?

January 3, 2006 By

We’ve just passed the 2005 deadline for e-enabling the citizens’ interactions with Government and its agencies. Beyond the predictable and competing claims of success by the programme’s supporters and carping…

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Tick-in-the-box consultation? – A dangerous development for consultation is the trend towards listening because you've been told to do so – rather than because you genuinely want to hear people's views…….

December 20, 2005 By

Law-makers have switched on to the idea of consultation, with the result that our legislation is becoming very prescriptive, and requires all kinds of public bodies to consult a vast…

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