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Tuesday Topic

Keeping the record

September 28, 2021 By Tuesday Topic

Public consultation is not ‘here today; gone tomorrow’. We need better archives. Public consultations come and go. Central Government departments issue 400-500 per annum, and the devolved administrations over 100…

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Everyone a winner!

July 20, 2021 By Tuesday Topic

Engagement, consultation and Levelling-up It is often thought that there is no need to consult about good news. Only bad news. Consultation, presumably is thus seen as a safeguard for…

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Engagement – through the looking glass

June 7, 2021 By Tuesday Topic

Does a recent book on community engagement provide a fair reflection? Several aspects of Becky Hirst’s recent book, For the love of community engagement make it a worthwhile contribution to…

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Guidance on Guidance

April 6, 2021 By Tuesday Topic

How much attention should we give to consultation guidance? In the ideal world, consultation happens when those about to take decisions or adopt policies recognise the value of listening to…

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WANTED… more consultations like this!

March 9, 2021 By Tuesday Topic

Post-implementation reviews should require consultation   There are many kinds of consultations. In the field of public policy-making, we normally consult at the stage when options have been developed and…

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The death of geography

February 2, 2021 By Tuesday Topic

Will face-to-face consultation make a comeback? The inexorable rise of digital engagement is undisputed. It has been a significant feature of the last fifteen years; and the pandemic has certainly…

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The journey to Barnard Castle: a seasonal Ghost story

December 22, 2020 By Tuesday Topic

Hearken ye, and, on the Christmas when mixing and mingling is largely frowned on, listen to the tale that shocked the nation and became a morality play. It is said…

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There’s no vaccine for climate change!

December 1, 2020 By Tuesday Topic

This content is typically a member benefit. If you’re interested in receiving content like this directly in your inbox, please get in touch.   …but the public may be more…

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Consultation and the resurgence of evidence

October 27, 2020 By Tuesday Topic

Will Big Oil face the same legal challenges as Big Tobacco? A recent Special Report in The Economist had a section heading called ‘Courtrooms are the new battleground for climate…

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Somewhere between engagement and consultation

September 15, 2020 By Tuesday Topic

The fudging of accountability. 2020 continues to throw up novel situations and dilemmas that have previously not troubled us. Who might have guessed that on the day that this Topic…

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